Friday, July 20, 2012

Camping trip 2012 - day 1 [July 14]

July 14 - Day 1

We took our time getting ready as check in time wasn't until 2...

Driving away I always feel like I've forgotten something, but that was impossible. Our car was loaded with more than I've ever seen. 

We get in and get our number - 150.  Turns out 151 looked better, so Mandy went and asked. No dice.
We set up on the little platform we get... Well little after we put our 2 huge tents down. While setting them up we can hear booming. Better hurry. 

But no rain comes... So we relax in the tent as we are soaked with sweat in setting things up. After a big Dean and I go for a walk and visit the beach. We come back to Mandy waking up from her nap and Dean presents her with a gift. On the way back I told him we should look out for roasting sticks... And he found one that I wasn't too impressed with but he said it could be for mom as a mother's day gift. 

We then drove down to the beach and went for a dip to build an appetite for dinner. It worked. The water was perfect. Cold, but refreshing. Exactly what we needed. 

After we drove back to the tent correct dinner and made beans and peas and hot dogs. After every bite of the pork and beans Dean would demonstrate what beans do to you... Pbbbbbbth

Dinner done we started to wash up and like while setting up the tent and while swimming we heard more booming. This came with a spatter of rain... Good call on not buying wood tonight. 

We sack out pretty quickly under the rain.

[no photos today...]

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