Friday, July 20, 2012

Camping trip 2012 - day 5

July 18 - Day 5

The day started out with us switching beds again as Dean woke up. I don't mind, that little mattress really holds its air... Which is funny as it has the 
hole I can see.

Dawn arose and I woke up to what I hoped wasn't another skunk. It wasn't, or at least I couldn't tell. After that, I was up and at around the table. I warmed up the stove to find out the propane was out so I walked to the drop off for the cylinder and enjoyed the early morning and the ducks. Walking back I heard some loons. Turns out 3 of them. And, as to dispel the possibility of seeing more than one at a time, ruining their reputation as a solitary creature they split up as soon as I saw them. Interesting birds. 

Then some more ducks came out and I enjoyed watching them as well. Watching nature is something I can't describe, but is wholly absorbing and reflective. 

After I watched the neighbours put away their pop up trailer and I was thoroughly intrigued as we've been thinking on one for a while. All in all a great little morning for me and having that whole pause moment.
Then the gang woke up and we had breakfast, which was oatmeal instead of pancakes. Yay... Variety. 

After breakfast we had to deal with some more "accidents" with Dean and then got to watch two movies at the visitor centre - winter logging camp (narrated by Eric Peterson... Jackass) & Paddle to the Sea. Dean was entranced. Probably because he hasn't watched tv in 5 days.

On the way back grandpa showed up. Another couple of accidents and we had lunch of hot dogs and s'mores.

Another accident then on to the beach (as grandpa bought Dean some new beach/sand toys). Good times. Even grandpa swam.

Then it was time to start dinner on our new portable camping barbecue (from grandpa as an early anniversary gift)... And to christen the bbq - steaks... And baked potatoes (which we cooked over a fire with some green and orange peppers... Hey we had all that wood. We're using it.)

After dinner Dean and grandpa played while we took down the dining tent (one less thing to pack in the morning).

I also used the time to figure out the wet floor in the tent. My guess is after the rain some pooled under the tent on the drop cloth. So I raised up the fly and let the breeze through to dry the interior and lifted the base a little to let air and sun at the drop cloth. Didn't take long to dry. We'll see what happens in the morning.

Then grandpa left. Another catastrophic accident later which involved the throwing away of Dean's favourite towel we started our third fire of the day for marshmallows.

Dean didn't take long to crash, as he made us some glow stick necklaces, and then even got to see a star. I told him about the first star wish and he wished for a new lightning McQueen towel.

After he wanted to go to elephant's fire in the tent and pretend to roast marshmallows with him. Minutes later he was out.

Just Mandy and I to tend to the fire, and it was roaring. Huge. Then I heard a noise in the woods and flashed my light over to see a skunk raise on his front paws.. crud

We retreated to the road and eventually he passed by. The fire took 3 full emptying water bins to douse.

watching the movies (Dean was zombified -- first 'tv' he'd watched in DAYS)

gorgeous skies

oh, site 150, how we love thee


  1. It's Eric Peterson, you jackass. Learn to read, wouldya!

  2. don't know how i mixed that up... edited