Friday, July 20, 2012

Camping trip 2012 - day 4

July 17 - Day 4

The day started out a little slow. I was dog tired. I don't think I've eaten this much while at home. Finishing everything Dean and Mandy don't eat as I don't want have food in the garbage.

We meant to make it to the early activity going to Sibley creek and learning about aquatic bugs. We meant to, but were a minute or two late (or 5) and couldn't quite find the right spot.

We found a spot for a trail anyways and went for a little hike ourselves.

After we came back and made ourselves a little picnic for the beach. We saw some butterfly wings, 2 snails in their spiral shells in the water and a mollusc (?).

When beach time was over we visited the centre again then rested. Yay... But not really. I was hoping Dean would nap as he hasn't stayed up late for a fire or stars yet. No luck.

We had one more accident with Dean and needed to do laundry and called grandpa and bought ice and wood.

Soon there after we tested out the action meals my dad gave us and they were good. Mandy opted for a freeze dried meal. Mine and Dean's said single serving, and Mandy's said 2... Not for a guy of my size as I wolfed down my meal and as I eyed up Mandy's remains of the second portion she said that she was starved so I made another meal. After I started was when Mandy saying she was full before she started her second serving... Oh well. 2 from the one I just started, the remainder of Mandy's, mine and the left overs of Dean's... I was full. So I relaxed on the saggy bed for a bit and then Dean and I walked to the beach for a stroll.

It was cold and light was starting to fade so I made it brief and headed back to start a fire and have s'mores.

Fires just getting good and Dean is now falling asleep... Too bad he missed out on the s'mores... Gotta save him some for tomorrow. Greg'll be here, maybe he'll stay late enough for a fire and some roasting marshmallows. I've got 3 bags of wood left, we're roasting something.

diorama(?) of the sleeping giant

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