Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's get you up to speed [38/61]

So... I just had a week's vacation!  Yay.  In that time period I've had some fun times.

Friday 29th

 - Bought a new tent for our camping trip... and set it up... it's nice.  You can stand up in it!!

Saturday 30th

 - played for Bombardier's centennial party/open house.  Kinda weird to play by myself, but hey... it's ok.
 - Dean had a lot of sun and gave us a scare as he was exhibiting some potential heat stroke signs... he snapped too after we gave him a lot to drink and a cooler environment.

Sunday 1st

 - we started the day off with a nice 'fun run'.

See, Kelly is in town and she's a big runner these days, so she wanted to do the Canada Day race in Kakabeka Falls.  Mandy wants to support so she signs us all up.  There's a nice kids run for Dean, and then we'd walk the route while Kelly ran.
Dean did well on his race:
Kelly did okay on hers... however Mandy and I not so.  But at least we finished!

I believe I'm not allowed to tell the story of what transpired there.

After the race we went to Mandy's cousins' camp and enjoyed some celebrations there for Canada Day.

Monday 2nd

 - recover

Tuesday 3rd

 - we pack Dean up for his trek with the in-laws and I'm off with the boys for a band trip

Wednesday 4th

 - 4 parades... ouch, but we completed it

Then we enjoyed some fantastic fireworks.

Thursday 5th

 - drive home and relax
 - I pick up some solar equipment.  I have a solar charger for my cellphone, and a 1.5W solar panel for trickle charging the car's battery (in case we have to use the AC 

Friday 6th

 - relax some more
 - I also get news that the tent we bought is on sale (yay for some money back) & I get a Galaxy S3 demo unit to play with

Saturday 7th

 - relax some more

Sunday 8th

 - some experimenting with a JellyBean ROM for my phone and finally get it to work (and then my back up screwed up so I have to stay on it).  It's okay... I like it!

 - I also find out that I won't be the lead writer anymore for AiC... which I'm okay, with.  That gets to be tiring doing it full time.  We'll see how the new guy pans out.

Monday 9th [today]

 - back to work... and some biking!  Feels like forever since I last hit the road with the bike.

That's a lot to cram into one post, but it was a lot to cram into just 1 week when you think about it.  Whew...


personal spacer

on a downer note... Dad's not doing quite so well.
He met with the oncologist today and it turns out they suspect that he's having allergic reactions to all he's been given.  Possibly he's missing an enzyme that would help with it's distribution.  So... they're stumped.  And this doc is the specialist.  According to the last dosage he was given it was about equivalent to half a dose, and yet he reacted as though it was something 6x as strong.
They're going to give it 2 weeks and try a half of that dosage and see what happens.  If there's no luck there... well, that's the 5 option... they'd be out of options.
I don't know how to handle that.  At all.

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