Friday, July 27, 2012

It's been how long? [45/70]

Seriously the 9th is the last time I wrote an actual article on this blog for myself (and not a reshare of my AiC stuff, or a recap of the vacation)??

Let's remedy that shall we?

So lots to cover, but I think we'll pick up from the Camping Trip.  If you missed it, I'll leave it up to you to go back a few days and read over the daily recaps.

After camping we decided to take a day trip to Grand Marais.  Mandy picked up a couple of birds (the one Dean and my dad were holding in the pictures -- that tweet when you squeeze them) for her grandmother, who likes birds, and we could drive down and mail them out.  Sounds easy enough.  But we heard about all sorts of bad weather in Grand Marais and Grand Portage, and we were still a little tired from the trip so we were dragging our feet.

Eventually we just got out and drove, and if it got bad, we'd turn back.

Well, we made it to the border and no bad weather.  But, we had bad luck with the 'random inspection' choosing device and had to go in to answer some questions and have them look the car over.  Dean asked "why'd they do that?" in that all so innocent voice, and I really couldn't give an honest answer.  Weird... but whatever.

Drive on to Grand Marais and Mandy mails the parcel so we're now free to walk about.

While in Grand Marais they had to go to the World's Best Donut.  Funny, I had never heard of the place before, but it's semi-famous.

recognize Greg's name on there?

So we enjoyed a world's upper level donut (won't say the best, but it was good), and then walked around a fair bit, stopping in at stores, having lunch at Blue Water Cafe.  We almost forgot Dean's new train in there.

All in all, a good little day trip.

That was Friday.  Saturday had me playing for Nathan's wedding.  Not a bad little shin-dig.  Minus the crazies around the Vic-ville area.  First time for me playing in that church.

After that I had to rush off to the recording studio one last time and we piped our asses off to finish recording.  So, it's done now.  Now to just produce/mix/artwork/press and we can start selling them.

Sunday had us playing at the Old Fort for the Celtic Fair.
[not my photos]

Nice to get the bands together and just play.

On to this week.

Not much to tell really, getting back into the normal 'swing' was a bit hard... lots of practice readying not only for our trip this weekend to Chisholm and Butternut, but getting ready for the centennial next weekend.  Gonna be great.

Donny and the guys put in the base for the cairn.  Got some media coverage for it too (here's just one sample).  That'll be real neat when done.

Okay, back to work for me.

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