Friday, July 20, 2012

Camping trip 2012 - day 2

July 15 - Day 2

So we start the day out with me sleeping on the small mattress and Dean and Mandy on the "double"  mattress (I put two on top of each other). That is until theirs became so deflated that it caused Mandy to sink in the middle and Dean rolling into her. So we switched. Yay, comfort.

Then I couldn't stay asleep after I kept hear noises like someone walking around our tent. I'm somewhat used to that while camping, but it was continuous enough that I was curious. It was light enough so I stuck my head out to see...

... A skunk stuck in our dining tent. Apparently it's a great animal trap. It couldn't get out... And after half an hour or so I knew I bad to intervene. So I crept to the one flap (nearest the tent) and unzipped it. It saw me and raised so I backed away. It kept trying the far side so I went around and tried to get it to go towards the now open flap... No dice as it raised again.... So I backed off some more. Eventually we played this dance a few time and it got out... 

Stupid skunk.

Now that we were up so early we decided we might as well have breakfast. Mmmmmm pancakes and chocolate chips. Following up that nice early breakfast we had a nap and slept in.

The rest of the day wasn't as eventful, we went for a walk. We visited the visitor centre and eventually Mandy's parents came by. We visited and then went to the beach and played there for a while. 

We came back and had sausages they brought with them. We had to improvise with some cutlery, but we did ok. 

On a side note... I bought 2 gadgets for this trip. A trickle solar charger for the car (in case charging up the inflator drained the battery) and a solar charger for my phone. The solar charger sucked. I let it charge for hours and nothing. It barely charged my phone. Obviously it's not charging faster than my phone was using, so I let it sit in the sun and build up its battery. After a few hours it only charged up my phone 1%


We got to experiment with banana boats as the neighbour to one side left us her left over wood. 

After dinner, grandpa and grandma left so we readied for bed. Dean was showing signs of being tired so no convincing needed. 

I thought I'd stay up, but it's kinda boring and was cooler than normal so I turned in as well.

[Not many photos today either]

taken while on a bit of a shortcut to the beach

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