Thursday, March 8, 2007

Allergy test over.. look like i've been in a fight with a cutter

So, the allergy testing is over.  I was scratched almost 50 times (45 + 3 controls).  Looked like I had one of those weird Mauri tattoos ('cuz the also wrote on your skin).


But the verdict is in:




  • Cat
  • Rabbit


  • Horse
  • Mouse


  • Dust mites
  • Molds (shouldn't that be spelt moUld???)
  • Birch Pollen

So besides having scars on my arms that make me look like i should be restrained from doing damage to my person, what did I take out of this?   Well, cat allergen is EVERYWHERE apparently (he tried to scare me with alot of %'s... meh).  So, he recommended I get allergy shots.  But for the amount of times I have a problem, it's just a nuisance.  So he gave me a prescription for reactine eXtra strength and a puffer if i need it.  I doubt I'll really need it.  But for the few times... can't hurt.

What I also found out was why the other stuff I'd been taking didn't work.  He said with an allergy, you'd need 2x the dosage.  So taking only one Aerius isn't enough.  Weird.  He also said that the FloNase my doctor gave me for free probably isn't going to help either.  So, should I chuck them?  As well, turns out that some of the reactions I've had to chemicals in the lab or cleaning the bathroom are more PHYSICAL irritation than a chemical allergy reaction.  Just because I have an allergy makes me more susceptible to the irritation.

Well, my allergies are sorted out... shoulda taken a picture of the scratches, pretty funny looking!

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