Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PTC dinner

[this blog is actually on time]


So, today, Rain had some of the 'big-wigs' in PTC come in today.  I was a little nervous, because I still feel kind of guilty working there:


 a) because I feel I work there because of a little bit of nepotism

 b) I have a really 'laxadasical' attitude toward working there (i.e. I book off whenever I want so I can work other jobs)

 c) I really don't do a lot of work there


Really, my job there is to just now and again steer the clients to 'stay on track' and answer questions now and again.  Being a high-school teacher, it just doesn't seem like enough.


Anyways, so Tony and the Marys were coming in.  Tony and 1 of the Mary's are from head office (TO), and the other Mary is from the Sault (for those of you not from the North, we pronounce it the 'soo').  I felt a little scared with them there... half expecting one of them to expose me for the fraud I am... if I am one.  But quite the opposite actually.  It felt odd getting praises from them.  I expected Tony to say "you can't have this arrangement anymore..." like the way Sears was.  But instead he just seemed too cool about it...


So, then Tony takes us (Julie, Rain, myself and spouses) + all the Cascade people (case managers for the clients) out to the Keg.  And that was really neat.  Getting to meet some of these people and discussing our jobs.  The weird thing was finding out that I felt like I fit in there.  I haven't really had that kind of feeling since I was working at the 'Shack.  It felt weird thinking that if there were ever an opportunity that I would actually take it.  I took this job so many months ago to just sorta fill the time and make some extra cash.  But I guess that's how these things tend to go, eh?

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