Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My bike is now out... and it gets cold

So, I finally puffed up enough courage to call the Landlady and ask about keeping my bike under the stairs.  A little of befuddling went on, but after some communication corrections we agreed I could keep it under the inside eastern stairs of the building.


With that I went out, got my coil lock, and then went for a walk to my parent's house to pick up my bike.  Then I biked home... man, I'm outta shape.  It took me a little bit, but I got there.  A little out of breath, but nonetheless I'm ok.


So, onto today where I decide I would bike on to work instead of driving.  The past few days it's been amazing for weather.  It got to +22C the other day.  With that in mind, I figured I'd be ok.  The tricky part was trying to calculate how long it would take me, so I knew when I would have to leave the apartment by.

Morning comes and it's about 8, and I'm geared up to go.  I have my t-shirt on, with my work shirt in my backpack (didn't want to sweat it up).  I put an extra pit-stick so I can rid myself of any funk that builds up while I'm biking.  I've got my palm loaded with tunes and headphones going.  I'm off and BIKING... I'M REALLY DOING IT!  I hope this works, I really need to get into shape.


I get about a few blocks away when I realize that it's not entirely as warm as I thought, and wearing only the t-shirt has been a bad mistake.  Also, wearing gloves would have been a good idea.  My hands are getting pretty chilly, I'm starting wear out by the halfway mark... I'm thinking the whole thing has been a mistake.  But I persevere... nothing comes without a cost.


By the time I get to work, I've down-shifted my gears pretty low as my thighs are getting pretty sore pumping away... I'm debating on new routes to work so I don't have to dodge traffic (but then it's farther... ugh)... I'm out of breath, and I probably smell.


But the plus side is that I've made it about 10minutes.  So not bad.  Should I do this tomorrow?  Do I want to?  Well, physically I don't want to, mentally I'm drained already... but physically I know I need to.  So... on the days I can bike to work (where I don't supply) I will...


wish me luck!

[maybe i should get myself a picture... maybe i'll wait until i get a helmet]



  1. Suck it up, Jazmyn.  You can do it.

  2. c\'mon Dr. Cox are the girl names really necessary?  heh