Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another birthday prank

Everybody loves a birthday... especially a birthday 'prankin.'  None, more than Eilidh and Brandy.


So they received a tip it might be Deb's birthday.  And on the off chance it was probably true they went off in style.


Many balloons, crepe paper, a loser pinata and mini-disco-balls later we had her house pretty well decorated.  [yeah, loser pinata as in it wasn't something you get to hit with sticks... just pull the strings]


I tied balloons to her railing, the disco balls were put in trees, stuffed balloons in between her doors... it was fun.


Even when she came home it was still fun.  We hung out across the street hidden.  She looked upset at first... she got her camera out, we thought she was going to take pictures for her insurance or the charge she's filing with the police.  But she was really just finishing off a roll.


It was a good time.  Several things were learned:


  • In highschool, Brandy prefers 'pom-pom's to balls [what does that mean?]
  • soem balloons look like bad condoms [cheapo chinese]
  • a snowbank can be a good hiding place
  • they make pinatas you don't hit [why would you do that tho'?]

Enjoy the pictures (keep in mind they were my cellphone... very low res)


  1. nice job!  Can\'t wait until Brandy\'s birthday.  I told her we were going to papier mache her vehicle into a giant Ukrainian Easter egg.

  2. That\'ll be so sweet...
    or even if we just like get some cheap canvas and just cover it or something... heh