Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mandy's new fish.

So, the other day Mandy came home and said "I've made a decision".  Apparently she had been talking for the past while about getting a pet (it's becoming a trend in the Knauff family).  So she went out and bought a mini tank for it.  Now she hadn't decided on actually getting the fish yet, she could return the tank kit.  But still it's a step forward.


So today after she got off work, she asked if we could go to Super Pet to look at the fish.  I must admit I wasn't entirely enthused.  Don't know why we NEED a fish.  But it was pretty cool looking.  Ferret's are cool... there was some neat snakes and geckos.  They even had a "FINDING NEMO" tank with 2 clown fish, a purple fish and a blue fish.  Pretty neat.

So Mandy picked up her pink fish.  I looked at the birds. 

Now we have a new pet... it sits on the china hutch where we had some dishes (don't know where those are going yet) and there now floats a yet-unnamed fish.  It's pink... it's apparently a he (female Betta / Fighting Fish are apparently ugly), and Mandy's got some ideas on what to call it and is taking a poll.  Let her know what you think.   I like Chris' "hypoallergenic pet" idea

[check out the pics in the photo section]

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