Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mudmen... sushi... bikeride

So, it's March 31st, and this is when the MUDMEN are in town.  This is going to be a wicked show!  I've totally forgotten about these guys, and i've never been to one of their shows before.


SO in preparation for it, we decided to go out for lunch (Brandy, E and I) to WASABI.  MMMmm... Rory and I went the other day and I was stoked to have some more unagi, or the sake rolls.  But, as fate decided they aren't open for lunch on Saturdays.  So we had to drive across town to get to Sushi Bowl.


So, a salmon roll, 6 pieces of nigiri and a few of Brandy's sushi later we're all VERY FULL... and seeing as we were going to go to Gargoyle's first, and that it is now like 3 hours away... we are going to die.


So I decide to do something about it, I go for a bike ride... just a nice jaunt seeing as I haven't had a chance to use it much since I got it out in teh first place.  I suddenly got a large influx of calls for supply this week... and next week same thing.  As much as I want to go bike riding... I also like to make money to pay off my ever-increasing debt.  So I need to find more time to go blading with Brandy or biking when I get the opportunity.


See you tonigth at Jack's!!

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