Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The St. Patrick's Day Celtic Kilt Crasher

ok... i know, i'm horrible at this blogging thing... never on time and stuff... but sheesh I've got a life outside of the cyberworld...


So, it was year 2 for our Keltic Kilt Crasher (why they needed to have a k for the celtic... i dunno... if there was a k for the crasher, then i'd understand, but then it would be the kkk... which is nothing we want to associate ourselves with).  There was some reticence on some people's parts this year.  Jeff had taken on alot of the planning for it, so people felt out of the loop... now there's probably some errors of communication on both parts, but that's neither here nor there. 


Anyways... it went off without a hitch I think.  Sure there wasn't any Guinness or other Irish type beers, but ... for the crowd we gathered (Jeff and Mike did a good job selling it to the University crowd) I don't think it really mattered.   Still, it looked weird having a REDBULL and JAGERMEISTER sort of corner on a St. Patrick's party (I wont' even start on the video dance party aspect).


The Irish Echoes did a good job, from what I could hear.  And the place was PACKED... and I mean packed.  When our band played on the floor it was INSANE.  Literally having to kick people out of the way so we could play.  A little crazy, but good... so here's hoping we really earned some good coin on it.  Mike brought in the Engineers from the University who just had their ring ceremony.  There were tons of people coming in paying the 'at the door' price. 


Probably that was the reason I stayed in the back room for the most part of the evening.  Mandy was enjoying herself as well.  She ran into some old friends of hers and an interesting girl named Angel.  Apparently pretty entertaining.  I missed out.


Another reason I hung out in the back was because I was getting ready for the playing stuff.  Besides band playing, we had a sort of inaccurately named quartet to play.  I say inaccurate, because for some reason we called it that a while back, when it was a quartet, but these days it's more of a quintet or sextet... depends.  That was fun.  Some of the guys were pretty drunk, so it was kind of a train wreck, but still... it was fun.  I like 'showboating' in a sense.  Not egotistical, but just having fun playing.


After we were done, Joe and Bryan did a solo thingie on the bodhran as well.  Rory suggested he and I stay close by 'just in case'.  Not that we expected somethign to happen, but essentially Bryan practiced with Joe just once the Thursday previous, so... just in case.  So we did get to play a few more tunes... and that's just fun!


So, here's hoping to see what happens when we get the numbers back from the event... we definitely made more than last year!


I say job well done Jeff.

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