Friday, April 27, 2012

Am I becoming an Android douche? [10/16]

So, today I stopped by the Tbaytel store to check out the One X, as HTC hasn't responded to any of my emails about getting a demo unit to play with.

The deal with Tbaytel would mean not only $20/month cheaper on my plan (but I'd lose picture MMS) but the phone would practically be free.

Anyhow, as I was checking out the phone, I wanted to test the NFC on it (and couldn't get it to work) a bloke behind me who must have been all of 16, or 18 or so ... obviously he knows his stuff say to his mom that "that's the phone to get... IT'S THE BEST PHONE OUT THERE"

[note, that aside form the Galaxy Note, it's the most expensive]

"I compared it to the Nexus, and it's better".

That's when I should have walked away... but I didn't.  I turn around and ask for clarification:  "you're saying that this One X is better than my Nexus?"

"Oh, yeah, I've read ALL the reviews out there... the Nexus has only basic Android, whereas the One has the latest."

Again, should have just walked away.  But I gave him a quizzical look and just said "well, I write for an Android blog, and actually, the Nexus devices are meant to have the latest, versus HTC bloat.  Plus, you can't compare the Qualcomm processor of the One X to the OMAP processor in the Nexus.  I'll say mine is faster."

I conceded the camera may be better, but left it at that and walked away.  I had too much spilling around in my brain to try to educate this redneck on... oh look, it only has 4.0.3, whereas mine's running on 4.0.4... what's that?  HTC has the WORST track record for firmware update?  Oh, yeah bigger screen...

I could have gone on, but I didn't.  So I left it at that.  I'm still kinda miffed... but at the same time a little embarrassed about myself that I acted so "hipster-ish" or like an iSheep-ster.

Was I wrong?

10 / 16 ... had to drive today as I got a chance to supply at Hamm for the afternoon...
62.5% not bad!



update on my dad... still haven't really digested the whole thing and I'm scared to ask questions, but my mom was mentioning something about it being stage 3 colon cancer, of which there's a 73% survival rate.

that's supposed to be good right?

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