Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let's get you caught up [6/11]

So I figured this was going to be a write off week for biking, but I did fit in 2!  Yay.

The work aspect of catching you up...
...hectic work on getting the programme, and certificates all in order; plus, having to still try to wrangle in all the nominees to attend the event.  So it's been a wee bit stressful.

Oh, and it was After Business this week, which meant a little more hectic-ness thrown in for good measure.  This After Biz drama was that the tables weren't delivered on time, and when they got there, there was just one guy struggling to get them off the truck, and then into the building, fumbling to fit one in the elevator at a time (we needed 20).

So, John and I rolled up our sleeves and sweated it out to get it done.

As for piping...
we found a really good deal on some used chanters that I can buy as backup / for students.  So finalized that, and have the cheque ready to send out.

Rory took all the odds and sods from the back room and went to his Father in Law's to try to put some repair work on them.  Got us 4 sets in all (1 good, 2 not so bad and 1 franken-pipe).  We put together the set for Charne, and are just waiting on bag covers now.

I also got to fix up Murray's pipes again as there was a bit of a leak.  Dang, those are nice pipes.  If anybody is still looking for some suggestions on a present for me... I just heard Donald MacPherson's pipes are now up for sale.

Anything else?
Just got the Zeemote in for review from Tom.  Not a bad 'gadget', we'll see ... might do a Hangout with it tonight.  Which reminds me, I need to formalize up my review of the Blu Studio 5.3".  

Well, like I said, I said 'stuff it' to the execs meeting on Thursday and biked to work anyways.  That was a bit cold and slippery after that sleet we had earlier this week.  And then for Friday, even though I had said that I couldn't on Fridays because of Dean's daycare, we just dropped him off earlier and then I drove home to get the bike and make my way into work

That helps keep me above the half-way mark of biking.

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