Monday, April 16, 2012

Playing for a funeral with terrible weather [4/7]

So I had been asked to play for a funeral today.  I thought why not, as it sounded as tho it would just be a simple, march from the hearse to grave-site.  Easy money... but it would mean I couldn't bike to work.

...then I found out it was near my house (sorta) and I could drive there, do the gig, stop off at home and bike into work after.

Except last night it decided to rain... then ice up that rain and turn it into some nasty sleet/snow for this morning.

I made a quick call to the funeral arranger to see if I couldn't play inside somewhere.  Turns out the church is very tiny, and not much room... but there was a balcony I could play on.  That was nice.

However, I ran late to get out of the office and only gave the pipes a quick blast in the basement stairwell... then I got there earlier than needed to be... so the tuning would have been long gone.

I ran outside quickly to do a quick tuning, but it was freezing, so it was hard to tell; and then just going back inside ruined any shot I had of being in tune.

It was bad... but not horrible.  Ah well... made some money!

4/7 as of today... and I know Wednesday I have to drive, and same as Thursday, and with the awards and printing I may have to as well other days too... boo urns. This might be an entire write off this week.

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