Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yay, first day biking [1/1]

I had been meaning to bike for almost a month now.  A few weeks back it was utterly GORGEOUS!  Should have started back then, but my bike wasn't in road condition quite yet...

then it snowed... a lot

So I waited, and bided my time.  I meant to all this week, but several things at work kept me bopping back and forth across town, so no biking then.

At least I took the time to make sure there was air in the tires.

Then there was today... I was a little slow getting out the door when I wanted to, so I was a bit rushed.  And I never really 'acclimatized' myself ... but I did it.  I'm biking now.

My hope is to maintain at least a 75% average.  I'm debating about posting my weight on here as well, just to see if there's any correlation (didn't find any last year).

So far, 1 out of 1

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