Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bikin' up a storm [9/14]

So, starting to bike up a storm lately... 3 for 3 this week thus far.
It's still a little chilly with slightly below freezing when I leave, but warms up on the bike home.

...except for today.  It's supposed to rain on the way home; but I'm committed.  And besides, biking HOME in the rain isn't an issue as it would be biking TO WORK.

9/14 = 64%  It's climbing!

And nothing's really holding me back for Thursday/Friday.

It was a lot of fun to take Dean out for a bike the other day to the corner and back.  He REALLY wants to go for a bike ride with me... not sure how I'll do that without having to just walk the bike.



On the poorer side of things, last night was pretty rough.  I'm not putting this stuff in the title, because I don't want people reading it as my topic, and most likely folk aren't reading this, so it'll be my chance to vent.

I hadn't really talked about this, I don't think, as I'm not one to really talk about my family.  Dean, sure.  But anybody else... no.

My dad has had some health issues ever since he retired.  There was his quintuple bypass, his hernia, his complications (?) with his prostate, etc...  He and my mom are on quite the regimen of pills and supplements.  Druggies we joke with them.

Well, with all these issues, I've seen him deteriorate... not a lot.  But this was the man who ran nearly every day, did the 10 mile road race every year, could paddle 30km a day, biked to work every day, etc... etc... etc...

Anyways, the most recent is he had appendicitis come on pretty quickly and had it removed.  While having it out, the doctor found a 'growth' on his lower intestine, and removed that... that complication really slowed his recovery and he was very weak after that operation.

Last night the biopsy results came back in.  It was cancer.  I don't remember much else of what my mom told me, and rightfully it's still early right now to get any real answers.  Lots more questions than answers at this time.

But something about 3 out of 12 nodes, and something about liver.

This is rough. For those of you that really know me, I don't deal well with death or stuff like that.  I'm not sure I'm even over Alister's death at the moment.

And to add on top of it that this is a man that I've admired all my life.  He's been a strong support for me, and a pillar of what I should be in my life... despite all my attempts to ignore that fact.

And as he's been the 'healthy' one in my life, and yet has had more to deal with in the last few years than many of his less healthy counterparts.  There's a portion of me that is upset with the 'unfairness' of it all.

I think my li'l bro said it best.  He's more willing to speak publicly than I...

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