Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another day, another windy bike ride [3/3]

Yeah... I biked again. Wasn't so bad.  A little child in the AM (I think -3, feeling like -6), and not so much wind.

The easy back home was not so good as it was pretty windy.  Or I'm just really not in shape to do this.

At least my legs aren't screaming art me and preventing me from sleep today...

...just got some killer indigestion out something... Maybe I should easy more than just a granola bar all day.

I think if I go to work tomorrow (still really queasy) I'll drive.  I'm allowed a day here or there... Right?

Tomorrow will be 3/4, Thursday will be 4/5, and then I have to drive Friday do ending the week 4/6.

Less than my desired average, but the early days the number can really fluctuate anyways.

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