Friday, April 13, 2012

Not a perfect streak... but close [4/6]

Well, previously I had said I wasn't going to bike on the Wednesday as I was feeling a little sick.
I slept in purposefully and then just sucked it up and biked in (I literally have so much work, my desk can't hold it -- so no time to be sick).

So that made it 4/4... then Thursday I had a lunch meeting to go to, and today with Dean going to the daycare, there's no option to bike either.  That leaves me with today's count of 4/6... 66%

Not perfect, but ah well.  I'm trying.

I'm also realizing that with Dean at the daycare that at best I can only bike 4/5 days of the week... I can never get above 80%, and will never get there as I've never been above it.

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