Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't know about you, but I had an awesome weekend [33/50]

So I had to drive this morning.  Specifically because the check engine light came on the dashboard, and I was bringing it in.  As I was doing that the 'ABS' sensor light came on as well.

Why am I not cursing?  It sounds like it's going to be a few hundred dollars EASILY.

Well, we had an awesome weekend.

Friday we had a staff get together at the boss'.  Dean got enjoy a trampoline:

And we had not only good food and company, but a bonfire!

We can't wait to go camping.

Saturday, besides being my birthday, means it was time for some Teeball with Dean and the team - where we caught up 2 games we missed and had a great bbq and play time on the equipment.  Mandy even made cupcakes!
Photo: Cupcakes for deans baseball league,  done.

It also meant some nice dinner with my folks and Dean.

Sunday was Father's Day, and I got a cool card from Dean and an Angry Birds shirt to match his.  I got my dad some BluRay movies for his player (he's only ever had Mama Mia!, and I was pretty sure he didn't want to watch that).  I got him some nature movie "Life" and Fox & the Hound 1 & 2, so he can watch with Dean.  I was going to get him 50/50 or Bucket List, but thought it might be a bit too morbid.

It was a great weekend.

And to top it off I got the HTC One X in!

This is cool, as Friday I got a call from the HTC contact that they had read my blog (this one?) about how antsy I was to get it.  So she called to let me know it wasn't coming in that day, but for sure Monday.  Talk about good customer service!

Here's to more like that over the summer!

Now, I've dropped below 2/3 of my biking %ge, but I'm sure I can get above that soon as the weather gets better.  Will probably have to drive the majority of this week (2 events planned)... ah well.


as for my dad... things are still 'ok', but getting weird.  turns out it's an allergy to the anti-nauseant (or so they think) and they're going to try something different.  One of which will be the pill form of the chemo drugs... hopefully that works out.  If it does, he doesn't have to worry about the cold drinks thing, or his picc line.  But does mean he'll be more prone to blistering and 'burning' on his hands.  So we'll have to watch for that.

They really want to ask for a second opinion, but with only one 'specialist' in town for his type he's concerned that to ask might annoy the doctor and compromise the health care he'd receive (i.e. would her nose get out of joint).

It's a sticky wicket to get into.

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