Friday, June 1, 2012

Another week in the books [24/39]

Yup another week done in the books.
Wednesday I got a chance to bike again... and I debated putting up bigger numbers because I ended up having to bike across town for a meeting... like Waverly... a 30 minute bike ride!  But ... I didn't count it.

Still no teeball this week as the parks are still closed / flooded.  Was getting really excited for it.

I also figured out that as much as I love math, I really dislike economics.  Oi, that was painful to watch/listen to.

Then I got to set up Caelan on his pipes this week.  Excited as this means that's 6 in the past year... at least.  Let's hope these stick.  Some of these guys have real potential.

So, reviewed another phone, and then I was supposed to get the One X (really excited to demo that one), but I had to miss the 2nd half of Friday at work for Dean's open house at Agnew.  It was so cute.

Sucks I missed out on the phone (then again no delivery guy to pick up the old phone, nor drop off the new one at least by 3pm when the office kinda shut down).

Tomorrow is the Shelter House Relay... and the mayhem begins as we have a fair number of gigs coming up (tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, next Thursday, the next Saturday is a fair bit too).

July should be a fair bit busy as well.  Hopefully doubling up one of the parades.  But at least I'm taking some holidays during July.

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