Friday, June 29, 2012

Not a complete fail of a week [37/60]

The past few weeks have just been a flurry of activity and a real test to my stamina.  I think I'm weathering okay as I'm nearing the end of it all.

A few hours left of my work week, and then I'm on to vacation time.

The 'almost fail' referred to in the title comes from a few details:

  • I haven't been biking much this week... with time frames, meetings, and generally my health I've only biked today [friday].
  • We officially are going into over time for the CD recording... it's been a gruelling time with that.  Not only physically, but for the instruments and the fluctuations it has been emotionally pulling.  At the end of yesterday we were 2 tracks short to be completed.  So we will use our mixing time to do some more recording.  And just now they're even talking about doing some more tracks. /shakeshead

  • teeball is over... and despite how little was really 'accomplished' in teaching the kids about playing the game, I think they (and I) really enjoyed the time.  it was awesome handing out the medals to the kiddies yesterday.

So, yeah, not a complete fail... but it's tiring enough that I feel beat up.  I'm going to enjoy this week of vacation time I have coming up.  Picking up a new tent on the weekend for our camping trip in mid-July... Minocqua will now be a breeze compared to 10 days of continual piping ... so long as it's not blisteringly hot like last year.

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