Friday, June 15, 2012

Waiting for my One [33/49]

My One X, that is... They said a few weeks ago it'd be that Friday... then a couple of days ago, the next day.  It's supposed to be end of day today... It's 2:18 and it's the only reason I'm still at work.

It's a gorgeous day.  I didn't bike, unfortunately, but yesterday I biked 2x (had a lunch meeting to get to), so I'm counting it, but still won't call this week a perfect streak tho'.  le sigh

Still... plans for a good weekend: staff get-together tonight, teeball make-up games, band practice, somebody's birthday, father's day...

crud... need to get dad something... and it can't be a crappy gift neither.

Did I tell you yet about Tokyo House?  Oh so good.

All you can eat sushi... can't argue with that.

The grads are out of the way, now just the parades to do... and the recording next week.  Should be a fun time.

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