Wednesday, June 20, 2012

These here are the long days [34/52]

I could say how insightful I was in choosing that title... as tomorrow is the... equinox... or solstice.  I forget which.  Essentially the longest day of the year.

edit. solstice... which is actually today, the 20th at 11:39pm
for that you earn a video:
my favourite cover version of one of my favourite tunes from one of my favourite bands

Anyways long days... yup.  This is the start of our recording sessions for the band.  Which meant yesterday I went home from work to coach teeball (which was cancelled because of more rain) and then on to the studio for 3 hours of playing.

It wasn't too bad actually.  I won't get into it, just in case there's some stories we want to save for the liner... heh.

So, tonight is our After Business until 7pm and go straight from there to the studio again for a few more hours... repeat for Thursday (without the after business, but throw in the teeball instead).  Friday too (but there's nothing to do after work, so a little gap).

Saturday opened up a little bit for me.  See, it's the Canadian Celtic Celebration that day, and I'm more than happy to help out and do my bit.  Apparently I've got 3 students for the workshop!

After the workshop, more studio time... then I was to have 2 gigs after that (a birthday then a wedding), but they've both since cancelled for other plans.  Ah well... kinda works out as I am scheduled to play for the Sunday concert, but haven't practiced/rehearsed with the dancers for it yet... so I can use that time, and a bit on Sunday to rehearse.

So... long days for sure.  Closer and closer to my holidays...

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