Sunday, June 24, 2012

Like too little butter scraped over too much bread [36/56]

points to the geek who knows where that comes from.

But yeah, this week I've felt exactly like that.  With 5 days in the recording studio, busy days at work, and teeball... I've just felt pushed to my extreme.

I could feel a chest congestion that my body was having a difficult time combating, and it was noticeable when we were in the upstairs studio recording.  Fisherman's friends to the rescue (and some ColdFX).

sucks getting old.
Then there was the Canadian Celtic Celebration, which is fun, but being exhausted from the week, and a brewing case of tendinitis...

it was hard to really get in the spirit of it.  I felt bad that I missed the message about playing in the finale tonight.  Woops.

And my wife has been stellar about it, and thanks to my folks who've watched Dean on short notice.

Once this is over, I need to find a way to make it all up to them.

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